In February this year the Insurance Act 2015 received Royal Assent, and will be coming into force in the autumn of 2016. Perhaps the most key change from the original insurance act is the duty to make a “fair presentation” of the risk.   Relating specifically to the disclosure of material information which the insurer requires to make their assessment, the ‘fair presentation’ requires closer... Continue Reading
Recently the news throughout the country has been awash with reports of fatal HGV crashes that ought to have been prevented. Stretching from London all the way up to Edinburgh, and a recent fatal accident in Bath, a recent report suggests that these accidents are to be blamed on ‘ill-conceived reforms’.   In a press statement released by the British Aggregates Association (BAA) it was... Continue Reading
It was announced this week that as of the 1st of September 2015 all lorries that aren’t fitted with cycle safety equipment will be banned from London’s streets.   This is following a public consultation in which 90% voted for restrictions giving Boris Johnson, TFL and the London Councils the thumbs up for the ban which will encompass all roads in the Greater London area... Continue Reading