What does Public Liability Insurance do?

Public liability insurance covers your legal liability to pay damages to members of the public for death, bodily injury or damage to their property which occurs as a result of your business activities. It also covers legal fees, costs and expenses such as representation at any Coroner’s inquest, fatal accident enquiry or other court hearing because of an accident.

Why compare Public Liability Insurance with Bruce Burke Insurance Brokers?

Bruce Burke Insurance can save you time and money on your Public Liability insurance. We compare the Public Liability insurance policies of all the main commercial insurance companies to find you the right cover at the right price. Bruce Burke Insurance make it quick and easy to get the best Public Liability quote and then buy it and manage it through our secure website. You can save and change your Public Liability quote through your own, free secure account.

Why do I need Public Liability insurance?

Public Liability Cover should be considered if members of the public, clients or customers visit your premises. If you run a home-business, and customers sometimes visit you there, public liability cover might also be a good idea.


If your small business does not have public liability insurance in place and you get sued for compensation then you will be liable to pay the full amount of the claim. If you are not able to cover the costs of the claim then you may lose your business and potentially other assets including your home.

What cover does a Public Liability policy provide?

Public Liability insurance will cover you if someone is accidentally injured by you or your business operation. It will also cover you if you damage third party property while on business. The cover should include any legal fees and expenses which result from any claim by a third party. This type of insurance will only cover third party claims (i.e. not your own employees – you need Employers Liability Insurance for your own employees).

How much Public Liability cover will I need?

The amount of cover you need will depend on the nature and size of your business but small businesses will have at least £1m of cover. This may sound a lot, but litigation rates are on the rise, and if you suddenly have several claims against you, the costs can mount up. Don’t underestimate the amount of cover that you may need.


Public Liability insurance policies usually provide between £1m and £5m of cover. Despite the seemingly large amount of cover available, premiums are not high. The premiums you will be quoted will depend on the type of business, your turnover and the number of employees you have. It is worth reviewing your public liability insurance policy regularly to ensure that any changes in your business are reflected in the cover you have. As your small business grows, it is quite possible that the risks you face increase as well.