Do shops need insurance?

Whether you own one or more shops, retailer insurance should be an essential part of your business. It can protect you from financially debilitating claims made by customers or employees, due to an incident that resulted from your work activities – for example a retail display falling onto a member of the public. When you’re considering cover for your shop, insurance quotes from Bruce Burke & Co Ltd can give you a broad idea of what’s available and of what would suit your particular business needs.

Are there different insurance policies for shops?


You can choose varying levels of cover for shops. The following list can help youdecide which types will benefit your business most:

  • Retailers’ Public Liability Insurance: When you’re looking at policies it’s a good idea to consider this cover before you choose. Shop insurance policies that cover Public Liability can protect you from claims made by members of the public visiting your shop. For example, you could be protected against costly claims for injuries, or damage to their property.
  • Retailers’ Employers Liability Insurance: You must have this cover if you employ anyone, even if only on a part-time basis. It is a legal requirement to have at least £5m of cover, but most insurers usually provide around £10m. It will protect you from claims made by employees, such as back injuries from incorrect lifting, for example.
  • Combined Employers and Public Liability Insurance: This can work out as a solution that’s relatively cheap. Shops’ insurance policies that provide combined cover come from one provider, and so sometimes save you money on your premiums.
  • Shop Insurance: If you own one or more shops, Shop Insurance can provide all the cover you need in one convenient package. If your shop was flood damaged, your stock was stolen, or your shop was burnt down, Shop Insurance could help cover the costs of getting things back to normal. It also usually includes Public and Employers Liability, and so can be a very cost-effective way of insuring your business.