If you’re wondering what type of Building Maintenance Insurance you need, this section has the basic information to help you choose:


  • Is Building Maintenance Insurance Necessary?
  • What kind of Building Maintenance Cover do I Need?
  • Is it easy to compare Building Maintenance Insurance with Bruce Burke & Co Ltd?

Is Building Maintenance Insurance Necessary?

Whether you need Renovation Insurance for a large project or are involved in various property maintenance projects, it’s likely that you need some form of Buildings Maintenance Insurance.


As your line of work is full of potential hazards, it’s vital to ensure that you have the right building maintenance insurance in place. Working with ladders and scaffolding can be dangerous, not just for you and your employees, but also for members of the public. Imagine the claims involved should a heavy tool fall onto someone, or if you inadvertently damaged someone’s property while clearing guttering. Claims that could destroy a business can be protected with the right kind of cover for building maintenance companies.

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What kind of Building Maintenance Cover do I need?


You’ll find different levels of cover when you look at Building Maintenance Insurance quotes.

The following guide can help you decide between the policies:


Public Liability Insurance: If, for example, rubble from scaffolding fell onto a member of the public, someone tripped on an carelessly placed tool in the street, or you inadvertently damaged a roof while repairing a client’s chimney stack, Building Maintenance Public Liability Insurance would help to cover the cost of the claims involved. Usually you will need between £1m and £5m of cover, depending on your business size.


Employers Liability Insurance: if you employ people in building maintenance, Employers Liability Insurance is required by law – even if its just casual laborer. As a UK employer you have to have at least £5m of cover. This will protect your employees that are injured or fall sick as a result of working with you.


Combined Employers and Public Liability Insurance: Combined policies are often a good way to find cheap building maintenance insurance that still provides all the cover you really need.


Contract Works Insurance: This will cover the work you are contracted to do and your materials on site. It does not cover the existing structures.

Package policies are available that will provide all the above covers and offer additional covers such as own plant, hired in plant or tools.


Don’t get caught out!
If you have a policy which you bought online and you have your occupation as “a builder” and you then go out and fix someone’s plumbing you’re not covered. This is because plumbing is considered to be a more hazardous risk than general building so if your job description is “Builder” the only time plumbing work is covered for liability insurance is when it forms part of a larger contract, say to build an extension for example.


This is why we think it pays to get advice and understand exactly what covers you need and what covers you are getting