Who needs Goods In Transit Insurance?

In short, if you use tools to do your job, then you need Tools Insurance. Tools are a crucial part of some businesses, particularly to those in the construction industry and especially to independent tradesmen. Whether you’re a sole trader or part of a larger company, you will have collected tools over the years, if something were to happen to them, could you afford to replace them all in one go? The answer is probably no, and this is where Tools Insurance can help.


Whether they are lost, stolen or damaged, having the right insurance in place can be the difference between starting work again as soon as possible or going bust. It’s important not to undervalue your tools, whether they are powered, non powered or hand tools. They are the backbone of your business, can you work without them?

What if I store my Tools in a van?

Working closely with our Insurers and you means that we have a wide range of policies available so we are sure to find one that meets all your requirements.


Most Van Insurance policies only cover the vehicle, not the contents, so Tools Cover is a must. Whether you store your tools in a van, garage or warehouse, we are sure to find the right cover for you.