As members of Construction Plant-Hire Association. Our membership has helped us build expertise and knowledge of the requirements of plant owners and hired-in plant contractors.
Plant comes in various forms, some plant is fixed and remains in a workshop or a yard, whereas most contractors’ plant will be moved to different sites. It can be self-propelled such as a dumper truck or require towing such as a generator. Alternately there are wheeled items that may be driven to site, or tracked items that are delivered to site on low loaders. All these factors can affect the chances of damage or loss to the plant and therefore have to be considered when calculating premiums.
Often hired in plant insurance will be taken out for the short term, whilst owned plant can be insured for less over an extended period of time, both of which we can help you with, ensuring the best deal for your requirements.
Plant Insurance Rating Factors Include:

  1. What is the value of the plant?
  2. How old is the plant?
  3. What security is on the plant as standard?
  4. What security has been added to the plant?
  5. Where is the plant kept when it not in use?
  6. Is there security on site?
  7. Have you, the policyholder, had any claims?
  8. Can you benefit from economies of scale where large number of plant are to be insured?
  9. Have you, the policyholder, held previous insurance without loss?
  10. Is the plant used for own contracts only or hired out?
  11. Is plant hired in?


What cover is available?

We can provide cover for own plant, hired in plant even plant hired out. The cover is usually called “All Risks” which includes cover for Accidental Damage, Fire, Theft, Malicious Damage, Vandalism, Flood, Impact and Lighting. A separate road risk policy may be required.
At Bruce Burke we do not do insurance policies for less than 12 months.