Developing a property can be a tricky and risky business and it’s important that everyone involved in the process, from the investors and the landlords to the builders and contractors, is covered against any loss or damage.


Whether residential or commercial, the aim property development is to improve upon what’s already there and without proper cover, developers can often get caught short.


During this period of development proprietors and investors have certain risks pertaining to be their legal liabilities and assets, which ought to be addressed by the appropriate property development insurance, physical protections and health and safety precautions, in order to assure a happy and successful project.


Cover For Property Developers


At Bruce Burke & Co. Ltd, we will talk you through all the necessary requirements specific to your project in order to give you a transparent understanding of the costs involved. The following are the most common forms of cover for property developers, which you can expect will be required when you take out a policy:

  • Public Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Contract Works Cover
  • Plant Insurance
  • Hired in Plant Insurance
  • Existing Structures
  • Contingent Liabilities

For New Build Residential we can arrange it so that the Properties are fully covered for six months after practical completion


Information required by underwriters to provide a quote include:

Name & Address & Telephone number of developer

Limit of Indemnity for Public Liability
Employers Liability


Annual payments to Manual employees:


b) Labour only Sub- Contractors

c) Bonafide Sub Contractors

Annual cost of Building Works, NOT including purchase of land
Type of property under development
Brief description of project
If new build is it:

a) timber frame

b) brick & block

c) other

Maximum height worked at
Maximum depth worked at
What will be the % use of heat on site
Has the policyholder had any previous claims
Will their be a health & safety policy in place
Value of own plant
How much is spent on hiring in plant