What does Bricklayers Insurance do?

Bricklayer Insurance covers the Bricklayers tradesman against any injury caused to your customers or the public or damage caused to their property as a result of your work.

It will cover you and your employees against accident, injury or death sustained while working for you. Whether you are working at height or with a heavy load, these can often push up premiums but at Bruce Burke we can tailor an insurance policy so that you have only the cover you need and are not paying for cover that you don’t.

What cover does Bricklayers Insurance provide?

As a Bricklayer, you run a potentially hazardous business and can face a multitude of insurance claims, from workers having an accident, a member of the public getting injured due to your equipment left unattended or even your customer not being happy with the quality of your work. All of which could put you out of business, or worse, unless you have the correct insurance in place.

At Bruce Burke we can arrange a policy that is tailored to your needs. This way all your insurance information is in once place with only one renewal date to remember.

Some of the cover we can provide are:

  • Bricklayers Employers Liability Insurance – If you employ anyone that works in the UK, you are required by law to have at least £5m worth of cover. Employers Liability Insurance became a legal requirement in 1972 as a direct result of the 1969 Employers Liability Act.
  • Bricklayers Public Liability Insurance – Public Liability Cover should be considered if members of the public, clients or customers visit your premises. If you’re based at home and customers sometimes visit you there, Public Liability cover might also be appropriate. If your business does not have Public Liability Insurance in place and you get sued for compensation then you will be liable to pay the full amount of the claim. If you are not able to cover the costs of the claim then you may lose your business and potentially other assets including your home.
  • Motor Fleet Insurance – If you have 3 or more work vehicles then Motor Fleet Insurance is a cost effective way of making sure that all your vehicles and drivers have the correct cover in place, in case any damage or accidents should occur.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance – Legal Expenses Insurance covers the cost of defending legal claims that could be made against you or your business. These can include solicitors’ fees, the cost of barristers and expert witnesses, court costs and claimants’ awards in civil cases.

What else might a Bricklayer need to consider?

In addition to providing you with easy and cost effective Bricklayers Insurance, we can help you with other policies that maybe applicable to your business. Such as:

Tools Cover
Van Insurance
Or anything else that could stop your business from running if it were to be damaged, lost or stolen.