Why should I buy Welders Insurance?

Whether you run a large business or you are an independent Tradesman, or have an apprentice, Welders Insurance is essential to protect you against any claims that can be made. Welding Insurance is often considered high risk by insurers due to work with high heat and open flames. Welders Insurance provides cover for third party property damage whilst your carry out your welding or fabrication work. For example, if you were to accidentally cause a fire at your customers premises, Welders Insurance can cover the cost of the repairs and legal fees.


Cover is also provided for claims made against you if a member of the public were to be injured due to your negligence of one of your staff were to be injured or killed whilst at work. Personal Injury claims can be extremely costly and your insurance policy is designed to cover you in such an event.


What kind of Welders Insurance do I need?


There are several different types of cover for Welders that you might find useful:


  • Welders Public Liability Insurance: Working near members of the public can cause problems, especially as people are increasingly aware of their rights to make claims. Welders Public Liability Insurance can protect you should a third party be injured, or their property damaged, as a result of your work.
  • Welders Employers’ Liability Insurance: This is an absolute must if you employ members of staff, even if they are only part-time employees. As a UK employer you are legally obliged to have at least £5m of Employers Liability Insurance cover. If one of your employees was attacked while offering a consultation, or if they simply tripped in your office and injured their back, you would be covered if they decided to make a claim. If they were to sustain more serious burn injuries or death, your insurance can help cover you in all eventualities, including legal costs. If you employ anyone outside of the UK, you must check that countries laws regarding Employers Liability Insurance.
  • Combined Employers and Public Liability Insurance: If you’re looking for cheap Welders Insurance, you might find that a combined policy from one provider will save you money on your premiums.